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Targeted advertising: email newsletter design  
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Targeted advertising: email newsletter design.
Direct, inexpensive and effective advertising! Remind your clients of WHO you are, WHAT you have to offer them and WHY they should visit your establishment again! Targeted advertising in the form of a requested email newsletter delivers your marketing efforts directly to people who asked for it!
Email newsletter monthly renewal rates as low as $25 per month. PRICES >

CLIENT: Public golf course -- Zephyrhills (Florida). NOTES >

Targeted advertising: email newsletter design image, part 1. Targeted advertising: email newsletter design image, part  2.

RESULTS: A VERY cost-EFFECTIVE targeted advertising effort by the client. The initial investment in email newsletter design centered around creation of a basic custom template. Cost-effectiveness, branding and identity were incorporated into the design. Each month, the client opens up a $25 monthly maintenance contract, fills up the newsletter with new content and then sends it off to his clients! This targeted advertising effort is far cheaper than the real world equivalent of a full color newsletter (including printing, labor and distribution costs). Customers have been happily redeeming coupons since December 2001.

PROJECT: Email newsletter design, monthly coupons plus website design.

CLIENT NOTES: Email newsletter spring makeover, (freshen it up!); new coupon design.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Multimedia design & production, copywriting, monthly update, html hand coded message (in case of transmission error), technical support.


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