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This is ScooterMyDaisyHeads.com - a place slightly out of the ordinary (and a little to the left of everyone else)
To go back to where you were before, click here. Chris Eisenbraun - an experienced commercial artist providing professional graphics tailored to fit YOUR unique requirements. Welcome to the online website design portfolio. Professional artist with an extensive software palette: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, html coding, Fireworks & more!

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Why choose ScooterMyDaisyheads design? Because this is a small studio powered by a professional commercial artist who cares about providing the BEST possible product to meet your individual needs. Pride, craftsmanship and creativity are ingredients included in every design produced by this studio. The BEST comes about when someone truly cares about what they are doing and when it's something they are passionate about (all the way down to the tiniest of details <g>). Your details. These aren't just words written to entice you, take a look around this website and you'll see quality control, detail-oriented, original creative thought at work. The product created here is tailored to meet your specific needs AND budget. Complete professional services ranging from graphic layout of your project through to advertising agency level innovative design are available. It's your choice. But no matter what level of expertise you choose, cost-EFFECTIVE design is more than a slogan here, it's a description of what is offered.

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The site (as a whole) is focused on supporting the arts, especially Chris Eisenbraun's personal fine art. A special highlight of the site is the local links section (in the fine art gallery) which includes links to artists, musicians, theaters, venues and more--from all around central Florida (Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland and more). To visit the fine art gallery, click here.


SMD Design is the commercial graphic design half of the Chris Eisenbraun online artist studio website -- an artist owned venture established July 4, 2000. The art studio is physically located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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output is not a...goal...it's what I do.



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