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Small business web site design.
An experienced web designer can help make your advertising dollars count AND make your small business look GOOD! Cheaper than the cost of a couple hundred full color sales brochures, your small business web site is on the job 24/7, telling people who you are, what you do, where you are ...& more!
Web page design prices start at $450. PRICES >

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CLIENT: Pet sitting services provider -- Wimauma (Florida). NOTES >

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RESULTS: This small business owner was very happy (and proud) of her web site design. Because most of the clientele is elderly, with potentially poor eyesight, having a design flexible enough to withstand text UPsizing was important to her -- so was the ability to communicate with her clients at their leisure and their discretion. Her web design research (and a friendly referral) landed her on the doorstop of this studio and she ordered a stripped down design to fit her advertising budget. Stripped down and lean doesn't mean poor quality. To the contrary, this smart business woman got a quality website that exactly matched her needs (designed with flexible room for future growth <g>).

PROJECT: Small business web site design.

CLIENT NOTES: Design pages with the expectation that the client base is likely to upsize text (via browser settings); provide 24/7 access via website form; feature lots of pet photos.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Small business web site design & production, editing, java scripting, photography, logo refurbishment, technical support.


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