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Professional web design.
Professional web design is about hearing what the client needs. This small business owner wanted a billboard posted on the information super highway, reaching all the way to France. A magazine layout focused on bright colorful photos of the US. A maintenance free sort of professional web design.
Web page design prices start at $450. PRICES >

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CLIENT: Receptive tour operator -- Kissimmee (Florida). NOTES >

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RESULTS: The client was VERY, VERY happy with her professional web design -- declaring that the design had been taken directly from her inside her head and put down into reality. Every night she would run to her computer to check for the latest update. It's always a GREAT feeling when a client is that happy :)

PROJECT: Professional website redesign, quick logo design & business stationery layout.

CLIENT NOTES: Multilingual web design; color match desired blue hue and use as main color; provide supply of colorful photographs; simple logo design; create unique, simple graphics for each section.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Professional web design & production, multilingual search engine optimization (including language specific tags), industry research, simple logo design, java scripting, technical support.


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